How to move a fridge

How to move a fridge

How to Move a Fridge

How To Move A Fridge: The Six-Step Method That’ll Save You Time and Effort

The prospect of how to move a fridge or appliance so large as a fridge can be daunting. To make matters more complicated, not all fridges are created equal, and their sizes and weight ranges vary. So, how do you know which method will work best for your situation? We’ll walk you through the six stages of moving a fridge and which one you should use.

Step 1: Determine how you’ll move your fridge

Before you start moving your fridge, you need to figure out how you’ll move it. If it won’t fit through the door or on the staircase, you’ll have to remove some of its parts first. Some people will dismantle and put the pieces into a car, while others will take it apart and load up their truck.

Step 2: Choose which method you’ll use to move your fridge

There are six different ways you can move your fridge. They vary in complexity, cost and physical work needed. You’ll need to decide which method will work best for you before proceeding with the other steps.

-Inch the fridge forward

-Wheel it out

-Turn it on its side

-Carry it out

-Carry it around a corner

-Remove the door or back panel

Step 3: Clear out any items that will be in your fridge’s new home

To start, you will want to clear out any items that will be in your fridge’s new home. This should include cables and power cords, all food items, or anything else inside the fridge.

Clear out any items that will be in your fridge’s new home for the rest of the move.

Step 4: Make sure your fridge is level

The last thing you want to do is push your fridge onto the new spot and find out it’s not level. And this can happen even if you spent hours measuring the floor beforehand!

This is why it’s so important to check the measurements of your old spot before you start moving. Ideally, you’ll be moving into a different room that has a level floor, but sometimes your fridge will have to go into a preexisting kitchen with an uneven floor. To make sure your fridge will be level on the new spot, put it on its side and use a spirit level to see how high or low it is.

When you’re moving it, use something like a skateboard as support under one side or make sure another person is helping you move it so that both of you are lifting at equal angles.

If there isn’t anything to stand on and your refrigerator’s too heavy for two people, use some furniture sliders or blankets (placed where the wheels would go) to help slide it across the carpet.

This might sound like common sense, but make sure your fridge is leveled on all four corners before continuing!

Step 5: Protect your fridge with a packer/raker/placard

The final step of the six-step method that’ll save you time and effort is to protect your fridge with a packer/raker/placard. The placard should be placed on the door of the fridge to prevent people from entering, as well as being used as a marker for where to stand when moving the fridge. Use caution when positioning the placard so that it doesn’t fall off during transit.

Step 6: Put your fridge in storage

In the event you don’t have the immediate space for your fridge, it’s important that you put it in a safe place to avoid the risk of theft. It’s also important to keep your fridge in a dry location and away from other appliances.

Storing your fridge will give you time to figure out where to put it, but if you’re pressed for space right now, you can skip this step and move on to step five.

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