Moving to Biggleswade

Moving to Biggleswade

9 Things You Should Know Before You Move

Biggleswade is a market town and civil parish in Bedfordshire, England. The town is located around 15 miles northwest of Central Bedfordshire, close to the county border with Hertfordshire. There is a large market town with a small-town feel. The town has a lot to offer, including a good variety of shops, restaurants and a high number of parks and green spaces. The town also has a historic market square and a number of Georgian buildings. Biggleswade is in the catchment area of Bedford School. This article shares information about what moving to Biggleswade entails and advice on how best to make the transition. We’ll also look at some of the pros and cons of moving to this Hertfordshire town.

What Is the History of Biggleswade?

Biggleswade is a market town in Bedfordshire, England. Biggleswade is in the catchment area of Bedford School, which has educated many famous people, including the writer’s Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. Biggleswade is also home to the Biggleswade School, which is one of the oldest public schools in England. It was originally founded in 1552 by Sir John Biggleswade, Kt. It was later purchased by the Bedford Corporation. Biggleswade is an estate in the civil parish of Biggleswade St Mary. It is located around 9 miles west of Royston and 16 miles northwest of Bedford.

Biggleswade Demographics

According to the United Kingdom Census 2011, Biggleswade has a population of 10,831, up from 10,321 in the 2001 census. The population density is 442.1 people per square kilometre (1,070.6/sq mi).

Biggleswade Culture and What to See and Do

Biggleswade is a vibrant market town with a lot to offer. There are a good number of parks and green spaces, including a town centre conservation area, a large country park, a golf course and a country sports complex. There are also a number of museums in the area, including the Museum of Childhood, the Bedfordshire & Luton Aviation Museum, the Biggleswade Canal Museum, the Bedfordshire Railway Museum and the John Soane House. Biggleswade also has a large book festival, which takes place each May. There are numerous places to eat out in the area, including a good selection of pubs and a range of more formal dining options. Biggleswade has a growing art scene and there are a number of galleries, including the Museum and Gallery of Art.

Biggleswade Moving Company and Packaging Services

For all your household moves, furniture, and box packing needs, contact us. If you’re relocating to Biggleswade, we recommend that you use our full services. These provide you with a team of packers and movers, as well as unpacking services.

Biggleswade Education and Children’s Facilities

There are a number of primary schools and nurseries in Biggleswade. The town is also home to Biggleswade Community College, which is an academy school. This article lists the primary schools in Biggleswade and their respective catchment areas. If you’re looking for a primary school for your child, look no further. Biggleswade is also home to a number of secondary schools, including Biggleswade Community College, the Bedfordshire School, Northampton School and St. John’s School.

Biggleswade Health and Amenities

There are a number of health and medical services in and around Biggleswade. The town is also home to two hospitals, including Bedford Hospital and John Radcliffe Hospital, which is located just outside the town. As a result of this, many people choose to move to Biggleswade. The British Association of Health Visitors say that Biggleswade is a “popular choice” for medical workers due to its proximity to Bedford Hospital.

Biggleswade Housing and Property

There is a wide range of properties for rent and for sale in Biggleswade. Biggleswade is an ideal place to purchase your first home due to its low crime rate, friendly locals and stable economy. The town has a good selection of properties for all budgets.

Final Words: Is Biggleswade the Best Place to Move to?

Biggleswade is a good place to live, work and raise a family. It is a large and stable market town with a rich history. It has a wide range of amenities, including good schools and hospitals, and a thriving arts and culture scene. Biggleswade also has a low crime rate. These factors make Biggleswade a great place to settle down. If you’re thinking of making the move, this article will help you get started.